Addition And Separation
Our company generally procures polyethylene and polypropylene waste, which will be raw materials for its production, from companies operating in Gaziantep. These losses; they are completely clean, non-garbage production waste. (Raw material outer bags, PP sack waste, PP yarn waste, nonwoven fabric waste, etc.).

After the collected wastes are stacked according to their type, they are broken into small pieces in crushing machines. These reduced pieces are called bran.

Making Agromel (Densification)
The semi-finished product, which is broken into bran, is exposed to heat in agromel machines and crumbles a little more. Thus, the materials fuse together and become smaller. So density is gained.

Extrusion (Granulating)
The condensed semi-finished products coming from the Agromel machine are transferred to the granule machine vessel, where they are melted by giving high heat. The material, which melts into paste, comes out of the hot pores at the exit of the machine and enters the cooling tub. It is cut into small pieces in the last cutting machine. State of the art rock cutting system is also used.

Packaging - Shipping
The products produced are transferred to a silo and filled in sacks from here. Packaged products are shipped according to customer demands. Our company makes the cooling process with water and cooling towers and motors are used for the continuous use of water. Since the water used is constantly circulating, there is no release to the environment. In addition, our own waste generated during production can be collected and granules can be made again. In this respect, there is no waste in our company.

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