Company, will be the raw material to produce polyethylene and polypropylene are available from companies operating in Gaziantep wastages in general. This wastage; completely clean, non-production goods garbage dump fire. (Ingredient outer bags, PP bags wastages, wastages PP yarn, woven fabric, fire, etc.)


Collected according to the type of wastage is divided into small pieces and crushing machines, broken after editing. This is known as reduced bran pieces.

Agromel Making (Concentration)

Crushed bran, which has become semi-finished product, a bit more fragmented, the mold is exposed to heat Agromel machines. Thus, together materials and combines a melting pot is becoming smaller. In other words, the intensity gained.

Extrusion (Granular Restoration)

Intensive semi-finished products fromAgromel machine, granular machine being eroded by giving boat transferred to the high temperature. The material melts into a paste, hot even though the machine out of the exit of the cooling vessel that falls within the pores. Here, in the form of water-cooled pasta on track. The most recent pre-cutting machine cut and divided into small pieces.

Packing - Shipping

Produced products is transferred to a silo filled with bags packed in here. The packaged products are shipped according to customer demands. Our company is doing with water in the cooling process for continuous use of the water used in cooling towers and engines. The environment is in constant circulation of water used there is no oscillation. In addition, during the production of pellets can be your own firelerimiz biriktirilp again. This waste does not occur in any direction in our company.

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