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MTM Plastic Recycling Collection and Separation Kimya Tekstil Danışmanlık San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. It has been in the plastic industry for nearly 20 years. Our company started production in 2005 with its new name and produces approximately 750 tons of granules per month. In Gaziantep 5th Organized Industrial Zone, it has increased its production and quality with its 8000m2 closed area and accordingly new machinery and equipment investments.
The most advanced and European technologies are used in production. The track is constantly being renewed. The materials are pulled separately and first class recycled granular raw materials are produced.

Granule Manufacturing

HDPE - LDPE - Polyethylene (Pe) are the processes of preparing plastic materials for use with granule machines. Granules are produced in the desired color according to the needs.

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In addition to original granule production, our factory also produces granules by separating polyethylene and polypropylene wastes.

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Habitable World

We are aware of our duty to protect our nature, which is rapidly disappearing as a result of unconscious consumption and the natural products it contains.

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We care about the future.

MTM Plastic Recycling Collection and Separation Kimya Tekstil Danışmanlık San. ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. It has been in the plastic industry for nearly 50 years.

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You can send us your metoplen & metiplen orders via the order form, which you can access from the link below. We will contact you as soon as possible in line with your sending the

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Why MTM Plastik?

We have gathered the reasons why you should choose MTM Plastik.

Total quality Management

Knowing that the most fundamental factor that ensures customer satisfaction is the service quality, MTM Plastik organizes all its activities according to this basic factor. It increases the quality of the services provided for its customers by training all its personnel on total quality alternately.

Getting along with innovations

MTM Plastik designs innovations in order to increase the quality of service whether or not the customers want it, and realizes them in-house and offers them to the service of its customers. With this feature, MTM Plastik is among the first to design new products, services and technological solutions that can be incorporated in their own field.

Customer Focused Work

MTM Plastik fully focuses on the markets in which it operates and creates a structure that is 100% compatible with the demands of its customers. It is always based on customer satisfaction by evaluating the impact of its work and attitude on its customers.

Sustainable Development

While MTM Plastik continues its activities, it strengthens the bridge between economic and environmental dimensions. In all of its activities, it aims to create value, ensure the progress of the society, and raise the standards of life and environmental quality.


MTM Plastik Chairman of the Board of Directors, emphasizing that they operate in the plastic recycling sector in a closed area of ​​9000 m² on a 12.000 m² land in Gaziantep 5th Organized Industrial Zone, stated that they have made a new production line investment of European origin with their quality and capacity increasing features in addition to the existing production lines. We are number 1 in capacity and quality in Eastern Anatolia, Central Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia. said.

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